Children’s Dentistry – Pinehurst, NC

Taking Care of
Still-Growing Smiles

We want Olmsted Village Dental Care to be a place where parents and children can both enjoy quality dental care over several years. Many children are afraid of seeing the dentist, but Dr. Hudson’s chairside manner is great for helping them calm down. Our array of dental services allows us to continue to meet your child’s needs even as their smile changes over time. Call today to set up an appointment for your youngest family members to receive chidlren's dentistry in Pinehurst, NC.

Why Choose Olmsted Village Dental Care for Children’s Dentistry?

  • Team That Treats
    Patients Like Family
  • Polite, Experienced,
    Reassuring Dentist
  • State of the Art
    Technology and Services

Dental Sealants

Child laughing after receiving dental sealants

Dental sealants are normally applied when the first molars come in and again once the child receives their second molars. Food and bacteria can get stuck on the molars relatively easily and be very difficult to remove, so dental sealants can help keep your child’s posterior teeth safe from premature decay. The process is very simple – a small, non-toxic flowable resin coating is attached to the tooth to protect it. Dental sealants can stay on the teeth for a decade or more, so your child can continue benefiting from them while they master proper brushing techniques. 

Athletic Mouthguards

Young girl smiling after being fitted for athletic mouthguard during children's dentistry visit

Can you really trust a mouthguard you bought at the store to keep your child’s smile safe while playing sports? Chances are that an over-the-counter oral appliance won’t fit as perfectly as it should, and that can affect the quality of the protection that it offers. We can give your child a mouthguard that’s as unique as they are so that if an accident does happen, their precious smiles will be as safe as possible from the impact.